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Once you get people into your craft show booth, it is important to
make the sale. While you never know if the person who heads in is
going to make a purchase, you might be able to increase the chances
by coming up with interesting and unique displays that attract the
customer to your crafts.

It isn’t easy. You need to use your imagination, and you also need
to use a little bit of creativity and marketing savvy in order to
get those valued customers to open up their wallets and purses in
your craft show booth.

Here are 4 ideas for displaying crafts in order to attract more

1.) Display in surroundings – Let’s say you are a potter, and you
are trying to sell your flower pots for the upcoming spring flood
of gardening gifts. Why not take a half dozen planters (or more)
and plant a beautiful array of flowers and plants in them? When
people can visualize how the planter is going to look in their
yard, they are usually more inclined to make a purchase. Help
people ‘see’ your craft in their homes, and you increase the chance
of a sale.

2.) Mannequins for clothes – This is a little bit of an offshoot of
the last one, however I think it does bear mentioning. If you are
making clothes or scarves or handkerchiefs, it is always helpful to
display these wares on something that would show the buyer how it
might look on them. No space for mannequins? All of your staff
should be wearing the items you are selling. Here’s another tip:
create an ‘outfit’ for the mannequin, so people can see how to
accessorize or put the piece of clothing into their wardrobe

3.) Create a theme – If you have outdoor crafts that people can
use, then why not turn your craft show booth into an outdoor
wonderland? You can have patio furniture, a fountain, and maybe
even some ‘grass’ in the booth. If you create a theme, and then
display your products within the confines of the theme, you are not
only going to attract more people, but you will make more sales,

4.) Use the customer’s senses – The more you can appeal to all of
the senses (touch, smell, see, hear), the more you are going to
sell. If you have knitted sweaters, let them hold, smell, and see
the goods. Let them try it on; give the customer a sensory
experience, and they will be more inclined to make a purchase. You
can do this with a variety of crafts that appeal to all of the

Putting together a winning craft show booth takes a lot of thought.
Too many crafters just set up a couple of tables and toss their
crafts out there for people to see. I can tell you from personal
experience that the more thought you put into your craft show
booth, the more sales you are going to make.

Best of Luck,

Rob Goyette

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This information does not constitute paid advice and the author assumes
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readers following the ideas presented in this newsletter.


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